5 Upgrades for Free Speed in 2023

18 November 2022


Whether you're new to the world of triathlon or have been in the game for some time now, you may be looking for new ways to go faster, clock a new personal best and reach that next level on the bike.

Giant UK Ambassador, Tom Davis, has some insightful advice to help you find extra speed in 2023.

1. TT bike - A TT bike is out and out the biggest upgrade you can make regarding speed, even if you're riding a road bike with clip-on bars. The geometry is better suited to putting power out in an aggressive position, the bikes are generally more aerodynamic; and also better suited for the needs of a triathlon. For example, looking at a TT bike such as the Trinity or CADEX tri bike, the integrated nutrition and hydration storage will also help aerodynamics and the ease of which you can use the nutrition.

2. Wheel Upgrade - A Disc wheel / deep front wheel combination is the second best improvement on your current setup. For example, the CADEX disc and 4 spoke combination will help in almost all conditions, and on nearly every triathlon course. As soon as the speeds go north of 15k/h or so, the added aerodynamics will help you rip up the bike.

3. Helmet - Getting the optimal helmet for your position can make a difference around 10-15 watts over bad fitting helmets. The best way to see what's best for you, is to invest in a bike fit, and now is the optimal time to do so, to allow yourself the most time to adjust to any changes in your position.

4. Tyres - The rolling resistance in tyres can also vary dramatically. A good pair of race tyres, can save minutes over a training set. Although the one caveat on this is that the faster tyre, as a general theme, the less puncture protection they have, but if speed is your end goal, then setting the race tyres up tubeless provides a good halfway house, with the ability for the tyre to fix a small puncture.

5. Coach - The last thing is less a physical upgrade, however investing in a good coach can really help build the speed and power over the winter; and can help optimise your training to get the most out of whatever setup you're running!

Hopefully that gives you some areas to look at as you start planning 2023 - obviously this is just the start and a non exhaustive list. There's plenty of other aspects to look at, but these areas above will provide the biggest gains.

We hope these points help you find more speed next year. Follow Tom Davis on Instagram to keep track of his triathlon journey.